Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Times They ARE a Changin'!

After getting incredibly inspired last night by the TL Virtual Cafe:

The Connected Concierge In Your School (& Classroom!) April 8th, 8pm EST with Tiffany Whitehead (aka The Mighty Little Librarian) and Nick Provenzano (aka The Nerdy Teacher). The age of toiling away alone in the classroom is long gone. There is a hero in your midst that can help you now. This suave savior is a master of media, a talented techie, and a connected colleague. The teacher librarian should be the "go to" resource in every building. This chat is going to focus on how these amazing people can be integrated into a teacher's lesson planner.

I feel like my MOJO is completely BACK, people!  I have been a blog-readin', idea-thinkin', revved up library gal today.  Reading Jennifer LaGuarde's blog, The Adventures of Library Girl I came across a billion ideas I'd like to *ahem* steal, and this awesome slideshare page is one of them.  It was just TOO good not to share it with everyone.

Mrs. S

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring has sprung...

and it has been fabulous thus far.  Even on the days that are still chilly or rainy (or that lovely combo of both!)  spring is STILL in the air and it just feels renewing.

My gorgeous girls on Easter Sunday.  Aren't they lovely?  Yes, I'm a proud mama! :)

This week we Texas educators have been giving the STAAR test.  While I'm not in love with all the standardized testing, the bright side is I have been able to test in my library for the past two days.  The beauty  is that proctoring a STAAR test gives a person a ton of extremely quiet "think" time.  Since I was allowed to test in my library, I had a chance to really focus on looking at things through new eyes and contemplate possible changes, shifts, and upgrades.  I have a new TO-DO list and am seriously excited to start implementing some of the changes tomorrow!

I hope that spring will be a time of renewal for you, too---that you will remember in the chaos of the day to breathe deeply and smile often.

Read on, Gentle Readers; Read on...
Mrs. S