Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Book Study

This year our district librarians have read Teri Lesesne's Making the Match as our book study selection.  No matter how long I have been in this business, I always learn something from Teri Lesesne---whether it is listening to her wisdom at conferences, reading her blog, reading her books, etc. Sometimes I shout "YES!" at top volume while reading, and my pages are dog-eared and worn.

Tomorrow is our final meeting of the school year and this Thinglink will be used to share Chapter 10 with the group. Hover over the image to see the links!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May! An assortment of random thoughts.

May has arrived!
My seniors walk a month from today.
My baby girl turns 7 on the 17th.
Spring is truly here, as is all the rain.  ALL.THE. RAIN.
All of the winding up of the year begins in earnest.
A new writing challenge has begun, and it is time to sign up for one of my faves. 

If you don't know about the YA Buccaneers spring writing challenge, you should absolutely check them out. You set your own goals and they provide scaffolding for reaching them.  
Teachers Write is my most favorite summer professional development on the planet.  It is an amazing community of teacher-writers, FREE, and I always come away having grown in my writing.  It starts in June, but sign up now and you'll be in the drawing for an incredible prize.

I'm sending extra love to all the students involved in the dreaded testing this month.  I'm sending extra love out to all the teachers and parents of those students, too.  Surely this madness has reached its climax and we can start to reclaim these days for actual awesome learning, right?  

I hope your May is magical, friends.  Make it so!