Saturday, September 7, 2013

Welcome back, Jack!

(the front entrance to my library)

It has been a wild and wonderful first 2 weeks of school!  I'm proud to say that we are pretty close to every kiddo on campus having been able to check out library books in this 2 week window----and have several students on their second or third trip back already.  Life is GOOD, people! :)

The school year is now off and running, kids with books in hand, and, like I'm sure many of you all, my To Do list just keeps growing.  A librarian's work is never done--which is a good thing, most of the time, as it keeps me out of trouble.  ;)  I have several areas I am in the process of rearranging, and multiple techie goals for the year (integrating our iPads, for example, into our library lessons).  I did a MASSIVE weeding at the end of last year, and now have specific areas to beef up in our collection, so lists are being made, and purchase requisitions filled out.  I've made new signage for the Fiction section, but still working on new signage for non-fiction.  So much to do!  And with each change I make, no matter how big or small, it seems to add more changes----rather like falling dominoes--because I'm always trying to better meet the needs of my patrons---my teachers and students----and move ever-closer to an "Exemplary" rating using the TEA School Library standards in as many areas as I possibly can (hard to add square footage, folks!)

With all this, I'm SUPER excited that #TXLchat starts up again this coming Tuesday night @ 8:00 pm.  The first topic deals with best tips for the start of school---something we can ALL gain from this time of year! We've shifted the Twitter chat just a bit----we'll meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday from 8-9.  I do hope you'll join us as we rev up for the amazing year ahead.

Mrs. S