Sunday, June 9, 2019

Endings lead to new beginnings

After posting on this blog for nine years, it just felt like the right time to freshen things up.  I'd love it if you'd find the new &  improved The Sassy Bibliophile at

Thank you! 

Friday, January 11, 2019

Tayshas 2019 Book Trailers (part 1)

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Options for Unbroken Spine Book Club ---Fall 2018

The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan by Gia Cribbs

from a Goodreads Review:
When Sloane Sullivan was 12 years old, she witnessed a murder and then her parents were killed, and she was quickly put into the witness protection programme under the guardianship of Agent Mark. For years they have been changing names and moving around, now that she is nearly 18 years old, this is her last stop and then she is free to go to college and become Sloane Sullivan for good. Sloane has been great at keeping under the radar until the first day of her new school; she bangs into a guy who is very familiar - Jason Thomas. He was her best friend, before the incident. Though it has been six years and she has changed her eye color, he can't have recognized her or has he? Now Sloane should tell Mark but she doesn't want to move, and she wants to be free finally, so she keeps it a secret and eventually becomes friends with Jason and his group. My heartfelt for Sloane as when she visited Jason's house and saw the picture of her mother, someone she hadn't seen in six years. What will happen though when she is finally tracked down by the guys she has been running from? Then Agent Mark - her protector for the past six years goes missing. Soon truths, secrets will come unraveling out, and Sloane will discover that everything she believed for the past six years was a lie. Who can she trust when ones she loves and law enforcement are telling her not to trust the one who has been there for her for the past six years? The ending of this book reminded me of the TV show that aired a few years ago -Finding Carter. If you love YA, mystery and suspense novels with high school life chucked into the mix, then check out The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan by Gia Cribbs today

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Coypright & Fair Use for Woodson's Journalism Classes

Fair use permits people to do things that could otherwise be decided upon as illegal under copyright law.  For instance, using clips from a TV show in a video to comment on controversy related to that TV show.


  1. The Purpose and Character of the use
  2. The nature of the copyrighted work
  3. The amount and substantiality of the portion used
  4. The effect the use has on the market for the original work

Ask yourself:
  • Has it been transformed?
  • Have I used the smallest amount possible to get my point across?
  • Am I lowering the money they will make on the original?

This photograph was used to make this T-shirt.  What do you think the courts said about it?


For images, try Creative Commons.
For more info, try Penn State Library's copyright portal.
For more info on research visit our past blog post HERE.
For info on spotting fake news visit our past blog post HERE.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Spring = Research

image from

Be sure to use credible sources!

Using Google to find your sources isn't always a great idea.

Be sure to cite your sources---this includes IMAGES.
Try Creative Commons for any images you need.

Click HERE for links to the NHS digital resources and online catalog.  
*Login info shows up when you hover over the Symbaloo. 

For more detailed info on MLA format see Purdue OWL. 

Click HERE for a quick *mostly fun* refresher on plagiarism. 

Looking for more research fun? Try EXPLORING.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The curtain closes, but the band plays on {#sol18 day 6}

Old habits die hard, it's true.
I get so excited each year as March approaches. I'm filled with a desire to renew my daily writing habit, which generally has become a less-than-daily writing habit by this point.  I have participated in the Slice of Life challenge for several years now, and each year it's the same.

And then the challenge begins. I write and I write.  I dig deep and find things to slice about even on the days I have the I-don't-wannas.  I read other participant's slices, and always find new bloggers to follow--writers whom I admire and who inspire. I comment on as many as I can.  In fact, I have been a part of the Welcome Wagon multiple times now, because I know how important that feedback can be.  I have participated in the Slice of Life challenge for several years now, and each year it's the same.

Each day, after I post my slice, I check for comments. Yes, it's a bit Sally Fields "they like me, they really like me," but I can't help it.  It means something to me for someone to read my words and comment. I have always been a writer--a lover of words and a keeper of journals.  I have 2 novels in the works that may always be in-the-works-and-never-done, but still.  My point is---I write.  I blog to have some interaction with others regarding my thoughts and writing because the bulk of the writing I do is already just for me.  Often when I comment on slices, I am one of 10-20 commenters.  That is a beautiful thing for those writers.

Last year it really hit me that perhaps this isn't my tribe.  It is a GREAT group, mind you---zero shade thrown---but my posts clearly aren't meaningful enough to enough of the folks who slice to get many comments.  Should it matter?  Whatever your answer may be to that question for you, the answer for me is clearly it does. It is incredibly discouraging to see zero to two comments day in and day out.  (and for those of you who have left me comments---I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It truly means so much to me.) I have participated in the Slice of Life challenge for several years now, and each year it's the same.

And so, as a gift to my sanity I'm choosing to bow out of the remainder of slicing this month. I will still participate this year in reading and commenting on the slices of others, especially my new folks as I'm part of the Welcome Wagon.  I'll still read the daily inspirations.  I'll definitely still write.  I just won't be posting my slices regularly and most of my writing may very well be in my own journal or Google doc.  I gave it the ole college try---but honestly, life is hard enough for me at this point to feel like my voice doesn't matter.

Best to everyone as March continues onward.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Celebrating Today {#sol18 day 5}

Today I am celebrating.
My oldest made it a whole day at school.
She felt awful most of the day, but she stuck it out and we made the day.
I cannot tell you what a huge WIN this feels like.
This, after missing 3 days of our 4 day week last week,
And many more days before that.
Since the week before midterms she has missed more school than in her entire school career up to this point.
Me, too.
This, after starting new meds that make her mostly feel sickish and swimmy.
I bribed, I cajoled, I encouraged, but ultimately
SHE made the day.
She wiped away her tears at multiple points, but
SHE made the day.
And so today we celebrate.