Friday, April 30, 2010

Yep, Batgirl was a Librarian

I've written on this topic before, but it defnitely bears repeating.  Batgirl was a librarian.  She was a butt-kicking superhero with amazing skills.  ( for my incredibly fantastic epistle on the subject check follow this link!)

Which brings to mind the age-old question.  (okay, maybe not age-old, but one I certainly wonder about a lot)  If you had any superpower, what would it be?

I never waver on my answer.  I would have the ability to stop time around me.  That way I could read or nap without taking away from my family or work time.  I could get all the books put in order, or scrapbook, or take a long hot bubble bath and never miss a beat with my kiddos---the ones at school and at home.

Since I wasn't born with this ability it looks like I'll need to start scouting out unguarded vats of some creepy radioactive goo in order to gain my rightful superpowers.  I"ll keep you posted on the results.

Vampires have cool superpowers, too, but that whole "undead" thing kinda unhinges me.  Oh, and I prefer to have a soul, but that's just me.  Wiches?  Voodoo Priestesses?  Too messy. 

I think I'll just stick to superheroes.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ruined by Paula Morris

I just love a good mystery.  Really, they're quite hard to beat.  And this one, set in one of my all time favorite places on earth--New Orleans--is filled with spooky goodness. 

Rebecca, a New Yorker, goes to live with family friends while her dad is off working in China.  15 year old Rebecca is hardly pleased.  Leaving her friends, her school, and her beloved NYC behind is difficult---not to mention not seeing her dad for such a long period of time.  Life in the Big Easy is anything but---her new classmates are mostly snotty rich kids coming from old Garden-district families.  Her "aunt" reads tarot cards in the Quarter.  Things do not go well.

Rebecca meets a strange girl at Lafayette Cemetary one day.  Her new friend Lisette turns out to be a key player in this ghostly mystery. 

Haunting and beautiful, and filled with New Orleans flavor from the food (I can almost smell the gumbo) to Mardi Gras, this tale is one that will keep you on the edge of your seat...just waiting to see what lurks around the next corner.  Ooh, and the twists and turns....Fabulous.  Perk some Cafe du Monde java and make some fresh hot beignets and read away!
Be sure to follow the Cafe du Monde link above--great site with great goodies. 

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Day of Leisure

So I'm home today.  It's raining outside and I have a few dozen amazing books waiting to be read.  A candle is burning, releasing it's comforting cinnamon-y scent.  All is right with the world.

Yes, that's the dream.  The truth is, I am home today. 

Home because my youngest (not quite a year old) has the stomach bug. 

And yes, the candle is lit.  Mostly to counteract the effects of said stomach bug on a ridiculous amount of diapers. 

I do have a fantastic selection of must reads calling my name--but who knows if I'll get much reading done today.  The baby is asleep right now, but fairly demanding of my time and attention when awake.  
Poor baby.  Sweet little thing.  I just hate it when she's ill.  This marks week 2 of ailments--last week we had the pleasure of double ear infections.  

Wait a minute...did I just say she was sleeping?  Silly me...must run.  I have some reading time on a rainy day with a yummy scent wafting through my living room and darn it, I'm gonna take my moments where I may!

Read on, dear readers, read on.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Blog is officially up!

After getting over being miffed about the mascot name change at my school which precipitated my blog name change I've decided to run with it and be grateful for the change.  That's the ladylike thing to do, right?

I found this background, which is, of course, completely and totally sassy, but perhaps a bit loud for me.  We'll see.  It may grow on me.  At any rate I'm working while the baby sleeps so I'm *again* going to just choose to be grateful that the blog is up, and according to the sight I pulled the background from, the cutest blog on the block.

My plan for this blog is to have my book reviews & other library info, along with my random literary (or otherwise) musings.  KnightsReadBooks was built with my students in mind.  This one?  While my students are welcome and heartily invited to partake of the literary bounty, this one is purely just to fulfill my apparent need to write (even in small bits).  I find it incredibly satisfying to finish a blog post as opposed to my ever-ongoing novel, which WILL get finished at some point.  :)

BTW, great action figure, huh?  I mean, you know you've REALLY made it when you have a flippin' action figure, right?  You can grab one for yourself (or some almost-equally great bacon bandaids should you find yourself in need) from the fabulous Archie McPhee company by visiting

Read on, gentle readers.  Read on.