Friday, January 12, 2018

FAKE News?!

(for Ms. Woodson's Journalism classes )

There are SO MANY places to get information these days, but how can you be sure the info you get is actual factual REAL info and not someone trying to bend the truth?

Today we are going to explore this thought. 

1. Follow this link and do the quiz.  You might be surprised at how good folks are at making fake news look and sound real!

2. Follow this link and read the article.  If you have earbuds or headphones you can also listen to the video. 

3.  Go to Google.  Type is this question:  Is water wet?  Now, check the source of the first link that pops up.  Many people NEVER look beyond the first link that pops up. Is this site a credible source for accurate information?

4.  If you want to be sure your sources of information are credible (ones giving you real, accurate info) you can count on using the digital resources found on our library webpage.  

  • follow that link
  • hover over the word library in the bar at the top. See the drop-down menu? Click the "NHS Digital Resources" button. 
  • You will see a Symbaloo with many resource buttons.  
  • If you hover over the buttons you will see the password hints. Fill in the missing letters and you have the passwords!
  • Pick a topic and search.  See what you can find on various topics. 

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