Saturday, January 22, 2011

well, now what?

Got some news last week that my school district has decided to reconfigure the schools...again.  When I first moved here I worked at the Intermediate School--a school for all the 5th and 6th graders in the district.  A couple years later our school became a second middle school--with 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.  Now it looks like I have one more year before we attempt to turn back time.

I'm normally a pretty positive person, and I know everything will work out for the best regardless of if I can see that now or not, but man does this news ever make me queasy.  As a former elementary teacher I have tons of experience working with that age group.  In fact, had you told me 15 years ago that I would LOVE middle school I might have laughed right out loud...right in your face and everything.  ;)   But once I became a middle school librarian I felt like I had truly found my calling.  I love working with this age group (what can I say, I'm a tad bit nutty, I suppose) and really have no desire to go back to working with the younger set in my daily work.  I love YA literature and have made that my area of expertise.  I'm just finishing my stint on the Lone Star committee for pete's sake. 
We'll learn next month which of the two middle schools will become the Intermediate, but I feel sure it will be my campus.  After all, we were originally built for that purpose and besides the other school has the athletic fields and we all know what that means. 

At the very least I now have 1.5 years to demolish my hard earned collection. To tear apart and piece out books that I adore and many that I have donated from my time working on the committee.  To lesson the number of books I have while doubling the student population.  I cringe even thinking about it.

My building isn't the newest one, but I have loved this little library and made it my mission to feel welcoming and warm.  The other library is foreign territory.  My office is my second home and has been for nearly 10 years. 

The librarian there is an absolute doll and a friend of mine, but  I really don't know how she is feeling about all this news either and what decisions she would make given the choice.  I don't like the idea of displacing anyone for my personal gain as much as I don't want to change age groups or buildings.  I don't know where my principal will be--those decisions haven't been made yet and won't until sometime next year. 

Mixed feelings.  I know it will all work out.  Things always do.  But until then I'm left with a little knot in the pit of my stomach because I'm a natural planner. Well, and a *semi-*control freak.;)  No bueno to not have much say in how things will work out. 

The good news is things will work out regardless and at least my district isn't doing away with librarians.


  1. I'm not really happy to hear that my kiddo will have to transition to yet another school next year with a zillion other 7th graders that he won't know. He had a really rough time getting adjusted this year -- I was worried about him.

    I would be frustrated as well if I were in your shoes. Sorry I don't have anything very encouraging to say. :-( Although, you're positive attitude will help you get through the transition, for sure.

  2. The change will happen year after next--so he's safe from this particular change for one more year yet.

  3. Kim Clynch, Harleton ISDFebruary 24, 2011 at 2:12 PM

    Hang in there! Sometimes we expect the worse from change and get the best, so it could work out in a wonderful way. Librarians are a versatile and adaptive group. You'll be great no matter what age group you work with. You seem like the kind of person who will enjoy yourself and the students no matter what!

  4. Thanks, Kim, for your comment! You are right...I really do enjoy myself regardless...and indeed, in life, I have found that everything always works out for the best in the end. :) Thanks for keeping me positive!