Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Joy of Books

I love books. 

No, I really, really do. 

I suppose that might seem obvious since I'm a librarian.  And my blog's name rather implies it. 

But you know....some might think that all teachers love teaching.  or their subject matter.  or kids, in general and that isn't always the case, but I digress...

I love the way books smell and the very heft of them in my hands.  I love the way they look on shelves and the magic I feel reading a good one. 

I'm not a technophobe---my masters degree is actually in Instructional Technology----and I'm adding ebooks to my library.  And maybe someday I'll even care to own a Nook or Kindle or whatever myself. 

I assure you ebooks will always be a standby, not a first choice for me unless I'm traveling.  And really, maybe not even then (I'm a beach girl.  Water + Technology = Ugly Mess)

An eReader just doesn't give me the warm fuzzies the way an actual book with actual pages does.

Whatever your preference, I hope you read.  Read what you like.  Read what gives you joy. 

The Joy of Books.

Speaking of which--enjoy the way-too-cool video above.

Read on, Gentle Reader.  Read on.

Mrs. S

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