Sunday, January 26, 2014

Author Greg Neri visits!


In my last post I mentioned some very exciting upcoming events---and this week we have a BIG one! Author Greg Neri will visit every elementary school and middle school campus in my district!

It all started with our middle schools choosing Ghetto Cowboy as our One Book, One School selection for the year.  I am so very blessed to have a PTA that is incredibly supportive of this annual literacy event, and assists my campus in purchasing a book for EVERY child AND adult at our school----and a district that recognizes that author visits can be incredibly meaningful for our students, and bookmarks funds just for brining one in nearly every year.   My students responses to Ghetto Cowboy were enormous and positive--WOW, did they ever love this book!

Because the book is on the current Bluebonnet List, it was the perfect book for our elementary campuses too---and while each campus did their own thing regarding grade levels, number of books, etc. every campus participated.

And now...fabulous finale time---the author visit!

Not only did my middle school kids love Ghetto Cowboy, but his gritty graphic novel Yummy has flown off the shelves all year.  I literally cannot keep them in (did I mention the library owns 8 copies!) and the waiting list is l-o-n-g.  Because of the response to this book, the day he visits my campus we will have a special dessert session for the kids that were really impacted by this story, as well as having Mr. Neri speak to all the students about Ghetto Cowboy.

I am THRILLED about his visit and will post pics and details about his visit Thursday evening.  In the meantime, please check out Greg Neri's website to learn more about him and his work.

Read on, Gentle Readers; Read on!
Mrs. S

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