Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A little Slice from Today...

I started the dreaded yearly task of inventory in the library today.  Last year my extremely expensive handheld device proved itself to be a true piece of junk, and so I began with a new strategy this year: laptops on carts with the scanners plugged into my USB ports.  Call me old school if you will, but I am IN LOVE with this way of doing inventory now---seriously the easiest and most productive day of scanning this gal has ever had.

The cart enables me to immediately remove the "weird things" from the shelves--the books that show up as "not found" or have some other weird problem and just place them on the cart so I can deal with them during a scanning break.  It allows me to see RIGHT THEN & THERE what is scanning and what isn't. No uploading--just enable wifi on that bad boy and you have immediate gratification.  Plus, I have the perfect spot for my coffee cup right beside me.  If there is an inventory nirvana, this is it.

I worked with one laptop and cart today until my oh-so-fabulous library clerk kids arrived for their afternoon elective classes, and then I fixed up a second cart.
2 class periods with kids working in pairs + my earlier contribution =we are nearly 1/2 DONE 

This is epic.

I teach Norse mythology to my last group of 8th graders tomorrow, and then I'll inventory again with my students in the afternoon...and you know what?  I'm actually NOT dreading it at all!


  1. I just might set my aides up to do inventory next week. I have a challenging group this year--all enthusiasm, but little actual help. (They still can't put fiction books in order! They do dust well, however...) You make it sound appealing!

  2. Sounds like you have found a great system!

  3. I like this system! Inventorying the classroom library is one of my least favorite tasks, but this may be the way to go!

  4. Yay to technology that saves time and nerves!