Tuesday, October 27, 2015

This and That: Today's SOL

Fall is my favorite season and it finally feels like it has decided to make an appearance here in East Texas. With the full moon and the cool, crisp air it feels like a time for sweeping out the cobwebs and taking stock of my year thus far.

1. Still working on genre-fying the library.  This makes it sound way more tedious than it is.  Of course, the process IS tedious, but I since this is not my first rodeo, and I like to think I learned a few things the first time around, I am taking my time on this project.  It is a HUGE undertaking, so I'm making sure to work on it in bits and pieces so that I don't feel bogged down. I'm pleased with the progress.  Onward!

2.  I'm enjoying the heck out of my writing MOOC.  I've learned so much over the past month and the deadlines have really kept me on track with my writing. Only a few more weeks to go.  I'll miss it when it is over.

3. NaNoWriMo is around the corner, so I've been using my story idea to complete most of my MOOC assignments.  I guess this is my version of outlining this year.

4. M.A.G.I.C. club is the BEST.  My head boy and head girl came up with trivia questions.  As a countdown to Halloween, I send one out via remind each day, as well as post it on our Slytherin message board at the front of the library.  Kids who answer correctly get prizes--little things like small packages of pretzels and pirate eye patches, and jolly ranchers.  Seriously hilarious to see my big high school kids RUNNING to claim their prizes.

5. My refrigerator stopped working Sunday.  Ugh.  Repairman comes today.  I'm living out of a cooler.  Again.  Ugh.

6. I've read some amazing books lately.  In fact, this past weekend was glorious--slow steady rain outside all weekend and me curled up with a good book inside.  Delightful!

7.  I've been asked to do a little "TV show" on our local cable access channel.  It will be library-focused and one of the public librarians and I will host. It just all sounds like fun to me so I'm super excited about it. Currently working on figuring out all the details and making a write-up.

And that's the news from my neck of the woods.  You?


  1. Good idea to make a list of all you've accomplished! It's really impressive. How fun that you were asked to do a TV show!!!! :) Book LOVE! Enjoy the cool air and may the refrigerator be running soon.

  2. Your neck of the woods is busy with great things...other than the busted refrigerator, of course!

  3. Your neck of the woods is busy with great things...other than the busted refrigerator, of course!