Sunday, June 12, 2016


Life is full of difficulties.
Chock full of them.

Full of unfairness, of hatefulness, of hurt and of wrongdoing.
All of that is true. 

Its easy to get all caught up the negative because it is all around us. When we hear about events that are heartbreaking and those that stir up anger within us it is easy to become a part of that mob mentality--even from the comfort of our favorite chair with the technology that has become such a basic part of many of our lives.

The latest news of uninviting authors to schools because their books included difficult subject matter had made me angry and left me frustrated.
Good folks used as pawns in games beyond their control makes me feel sick.
The heartbreaking tragedy of both a young woman being shot to death after her concert & a gunman entering a nightclub and shooting down folks in Orlando this week makes me weep.
Our nation divided by politics.  POLITICS.  Where has civility gone?
We hate one another because we don't agree with one another?
The fear of "other" and remember the good ole days has gotten completely out of control.

I'd just like to remind you (and myself)
there were NO good ole days. 

Take a walk through history and you'll see that we are actually living in a time that is no worse, and maybe better than any other time in the history of humans.

It is good to remember this.

So now I'll breathe deeply and get myself calmed.
I'll remember that every generation has its stuff--the good, the bad, & the ugly.
I'll remember that we live in a world that has instant access to overwhelming amounts of information so sometimes it feels as though the world is becoming a topsy-turvy mess.

The world has always been a topsy-turvy mess.
Maybe not in YOUR neighborhood, but look at it as a whole.
Take that walk through history and breathe.
The sky is not falling, friends. 

This doesn't mean we don't fight the good fight and make every attempt to right the wrongs we see around us.
It means we don't panic while doing so.

Life is full of difficulties, but it is also full of magic, and wonder, and love, and beauty.
Now breathe deeply, and go do amazing things.

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