Friday, October 29, 2010

Librarian Heroes

If you've spent much time on my blog you know my favorite super-hero has got to be Batgirl.  Why?  Because she is a librarian, of course. 

I have a lovely library super-hero friend named Jennifer.  This woman is truly amazing and a gift to librarianship.  I noticed she had a super-cool posting on her fb page this week--all about librarian superheroes.  Of course, being the librarian ninja that I am, I had to check it out.  You can, too...just follow THIS link.

I absolutely love to be to be a caped crusader battling ignorance on a daily basis---even when not wearing a cape. (sidebar: I just might need to purchase a cape...seriously, how cool would that be?  and I would look much better in a cape than in a ninja suit.)

Take a look at the librarian heroes will be happy to discover just how many of us there are..oh, and don't forgot those "real-world" heroes that inspire our students and teachers every single day.

Read on, gentle readers, read on!

Mrs. S


  1. Thanks for the shout-out and lovely compliments. I did wear the Batgirl outfit today and have gotten lots of comments. Pictures to come.

    I love the Batgirl pic. I may have to steal it.

  2. steal away, my friend, steal away. In scrapbooking, we call it "scrap-lifting". ;)