Sunday, November 7, 2010

it's the of the world as we know it

...and I feel fine.

For the past three years I've been blessed beyond measure to be a part of the fantastic Lone Star committee. 

It is a little (okay, maybe a LOT) weird to realize that my time on the committee is, as all good things eventually must, coming to an end. 

I will meet for my final vote/battle for the 20 new Lone Stars next weekend in the fair city of Austin. 

I have spent the past 3 years on a thrill ride of finding boxes of books piled up in front of my door, reading the heck out of them, and getting the opportunity to meet and talk with some truly amazing people---authors, publishers, and other amazing librarians. 

And to have had a voice in making one of the most incredible lists for middle school readers anywhere.
How lucky can a girl get?

Yeah, it has been one crazy-great ride.  The leaving is a bit bittersweet. 

I will certainly miss the Christmas-like boxes of books on my front porch and working so closely with some of the most amazing people I've met, but I am very ready to have the chance to read for pure pleasure again. To pick up a book that looks amazing to me, even if I'm quite sure it will never be a Lone Star, and to open it up and read it at a non-frenetic pace is a treat I've found myself missing more and more lately.  

And I have many tasks (some more fun than others) that I am ready to pick up again.  Like finishing that novel now that some of my time excuses will be gone.  Like cleaning the house.  ;), playing with photography  and scrapbooking.

After a bit of a break I do plan to volunteer for YART in some capacity again.  I want to help in whatever way I will be most useful to TLA, and someday I'd LOVE to apply for Tall Texans.

So I plan to enjoy the heck out of this next frantic-reading-packed week as it is my last hurrah.  This time next week I plan to be sipping some delicious hot tea and settling down with something along the lines of Janet Evonovich.

Yep, I feel fine.

Read on, gentle readers, read on.

Mrs. S


  1. I can't think of a better person to have been on that committee. Enjoy your future relaxed reading!