Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book Fair

Oh my goodness, but it is book fair time once again.  For a week each fall and spring our library turns into a mini book store. 

Oh! the excitement! (hey!  there's the new book in that series I read!)
Oh! the anguish! (crud!  my parents only gave me $5.00!)

My wish list grows with each pass around the daughter's grows quicker than that.  ;)

The students have steadily purchased fuzzy-topped pens and posters and books.  The girls ooh and ahh over the Justin Bieber collection.  The boys make the talking Zombie book "speak" over and over *and over* again.  The teachers pour over the cookbooks and adult bestseller list. 

This time sales seem a bit slower than usual.  The economic difficulties are definitely being felt by everyone.  And still...people want books...

Thank goodness our sanity hasn't completely left us.

Read on Gentle Readers, Read on
Mrs. S

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