Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring has Sprung

It is the Friday morning before Spring Break begins...ah, the joy of spring!

I have a quiet, quiet class of lovely 8th graders in here working on their literature project.  I have 2 boys working on GT products.  I hear the steady comforting hum of the computers in the background---white noise that I miss when they are turned off. 

This morning my coffee brewed to perfection.  With the addition of a goodly amount of French vanilla creamer and a touch of Splenda my work day began. 

I greeted over 75 kiddos in the library before school started.  Some come to play checkers, some to work or play games on the computers.  Others actually love to sit in one of our comfy couches or  ice cream scoop chairs and read.  We, of course, as a middle school do have the occasional kiddo or two who comes in to swagger & flirt & joke (sort of quietly), too.  I enjoy them all.  Even as I remind them to pull their pants up, tuck their shirts in, and keep their volume to a dull roar...I enjoy them.

I do so love my job.  Even the day before spring break.  Most especially today. 

Read on, Gentle Readers, Read on...

Mrs. S

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