Friday, June 3, 2011


It's the end of the school year and we are all tired.  I get that.  I'm tired, too.  Yet, I still send out fairly pleasant emails detailing the annual turning-in-all-the-crap-you've-checked-out-from-the-library plans.  I specifically put "please dust off all equipment before returning" instructions in the mix. Now, in my mind, this is an obvious thing. Like when you read the back of shampoo bottles and it says "do not put in eyes" or "do not ingest".  Yet, these instructions are on the backs of potions of all sorts because people do this stuff.  Really.  

Imagine my shock and awe when a *truly* very lovely teacher who shall remain nameless sends 2 students down with this bag.  Did I mention the bag is not tan, nor khaki, nor cammo in color, but rather is BLACK.  Yes, you heard it here.  It is was a black bag. 

I was speechless, and believe you me that is REALLY saying something.  And then, I wasn't.  I think howls of animal-like pain were heard all over the tri-state area.  ;)  I wish I could say this was the only example from this year, but friends, you know it ain't so.  

Yep, it's shocking...but people do this stuff.  Really.  

Mrs. S

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