Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Easin' on down the road...

I'm working on writing out my goals for the upcoming school year.  As mentioned in another post, I'm a Twitter fanatic, but I've also been reading some fantastic professional books and listening to some great podcasts, as well. This has been a GREAT summer for self-directed professional development!

I have a meeting with two really amazing librarians I know later on this week.  We plan to get together to share the ideas we've all been brainstorming for the upcoming year.  We all grow stronger when we share with one another.

Tomorrow will be my day to dig through all my notes, look over the highlighted areas of my books, and do some deep-down pondering and dreaming about the soon-to-be-upon-us school year (I go back in less than a month, y'all--WHERE has this summer gone?) and finalize those goals.  Well, I say finalize, but really my goals are always fairly fluid. The list is simply a road map which can be altered if the scenic route looks like more fun, or if the original route is looking like it has a major roadblock.  

I'll post those goals here when I get the first draft done tomorrow.  I'm SO stinkin' excited about the possibilities this new year holds, ya'll.  I just can't wait to ease on down that road!

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