Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Summer PD

As as a school librarian, I am the lone wolf on campus. Sure, the district librarians have meetings each month, but those brilliant idea bursts that happen when you serendipitously run into another teacher in the hallway are harder to come by when you only see each other once per month, and with a set agenda. This is ONE of the reasons my PLN is so incredibly vital to my continuing professional growth.

What on earth would I do without Twitter, y'all?

Yes, it is summer vacation time, and I just got back from visiting family and having a bit of down time to recharge.  Between doing dishes and hanging out with the kids I am getting some of the best professional development I've ever had.  It is a combination of things that really has my brain going--and it all started with a couple of Twitter posts.

First, I watched the keynote speech Library Girl Jennifer LeGarde gave at ISTE2014: How to Survive the Zombie Librarian Apocalypse, which not only has a fabulous title, but makes some strong points that every librarian should hear and hear again.  (go to about minute 15 to skip straight to it)  I wasn't able to attend in person, but through the magic of the Twitterverse I can now proudly say I'm a Zombie Fighter, too!

I'm participating in Todd Nesloney's (@TechNinjaTodd) Summer Learning Series (#SummerLS) this summer, too.  Each week we are given challenges to stretch us and move us forward.

This morning, while sipping my morning joe (my favorite, HEB brand San Antonio blend withSplenda and Natural Bliss vanilla creamer--yum!) I came across a tweet that intrigued me enough to seek out a blog, Technically Yours, Teamann.   The line from the post, "Being right isn't a change agent" just keeps resonating in me.  Yes!  Absolutely!

I'm still pondering, still ruminating on these things and so I say again,

What on earth would I do without Twitter, y'all? 

I'm so thankful for my PLN that is filled with folks inclined to learn, share, and grow together.  My only Twitter regret is that I've reached the point that I cannot add any more folks --the Twitterverse won't let me.

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