Sunday, October 12, 2014


Our Homecoming game was Friday night.  I picked my girls up early from their respective schools so they could experience a high school pep rally (my oldest and her best friend are 6th grade band kids--which can be discouraging as you don't sound like you want to sound yet! hoped to give them some insight as to what they have to look forward to!) and a bit later we all had dinner at the high school (the choir burger fundraiser was also Friday) and then walked over to the stadium.

It was a beautiful evening for Friday night lights.  Rain had been a threat earlier in the evening but by the time of kick-off it had cleared off, the sunset was a lovely pink--and later, the blood moon shone above us.

Right before the game started the announcer introduced the Dukes and Duchesses.   As a co-sponsor for one of the clubs, I proudly watched my kiddos standing out there in the field in their homecoming finery.  The band Duke and Duchess are also my 8th period library clerks (and I've known them since they were 6th graders!) We cheered like mad when they were announced Homecoming Queen and King!

As I sat in the stands with my girls cheering on my team, I noticed a Senior lineman out on the field. He had come in earlier in the day and we worked together when he was having trouble downloading Romeo and Juliet.  We never got it to work--turns out there was tech trouble throughout the district and I ended up ordering another hard copy yesterday so he will have it by early next week whether the ebooks are working or not.

That drummer making the crowds go wild with his awesome beats? Yep, he was working on research in the library three days this week.  And that twirler?  She and I discuss books so much that when we finally made the first library podcast she was my lovely co-host.  That drill team dancer with the amazing high kicks?  She was part of a great group of kids working on a group project in the library this week.

Kids waved, stopped by where we sat in the bleachers to chat.  I watched the girls wearing their giant beautiful beribboned bejeweled homecoming mums with pride and the boys with their matching garters. I am both transported back in time about 30 years to my own days of mums and high kicks and studying in the library, and sitting on a hard bleacher in the here and now!

I just LOVE being a high school librarian.  It is about more than the books though those are important. It is about more than the technology although I love that, too.
It is about these kids.
Yes, these are my kids.  This is my place.


  1. Your post brought tears! You are making an impact on your campus in the few weeks you have been on campus. I think you have found your true passion, and the kids have already picked up on your cool vibes. Congratulations!