Monday, May 25, 2015

Finishing Strong

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We have arrived at nearly-the-end, folks.  I'm off for the Memorial Day weekend, and will only have 7 1/2 days left with students before summer vacation arrives when I return to work tomorrow. Lately, I've seen many conversations via Twitter and various blog posts about ways to let your countdown be a positive thing--re-framing it to a "what amazing things can we accomplish in this time frame" thing. I love this---and agree with the importance of re-framing things not only for your students but for YOU, as well. 

We are tired.  We are near the finish line.  We need to finish STRONG, but how?  There are many suggestions out there to be found in many places---but since we all find inspiration in different ways and at different times, I'm adding a few of my own tried-and-true finishing strong recipes to the mix. 
  1. Laugh.  Loudly and often.  Authentically. From way down deep.  Life is fun, people, and laughter is stress-relieving.  I often see things much more clearly (those molehills I thought were mountains?  yeah, I see them for the molehills they really are) after a good laugh.
  2. Do nice things for other people.  Send good thoughts out into the universe.  Smile. When I'm feeling overwhelmed with all I have to do in the end-of-year stuff, I take a break from MY stuff and write a thank you note to someone.  It may sound counter-intuitive to take a break when you are already overwhelmed with so many things to do, but it really works.
  3. Pare WAY back if you need to.  Don't be guilted into feeling that you MUST be all things to all people right now.  This time of year I am just exhausted by the time I get home from work.  In order to self-preserve I do not do many of the items that we tend to think are "have to's" during this time of year.  If it isn't a show my kid is in, count me out on weeknights.  I love dinner with friends, shopping, preparing beautiful meals, and book clubs--but this time of year I need my hunkering-down-at-the-homestead time more.  It is OKAY for you to feel this way---or to feel the opposite.  The point is, don't berate yourself as "selfish" if you need to take more time than usual during this time of year to keep your sanity intact. 
  4. I find hot baths with Dr. Teal's Eucalyptus Spearmint Epsom Salts are fantastically stress-relieving.  Maybe you love a good run or a workout, or watching British comedy.  Whatever adds joy and relieves stress for YOU--do it!
  5. Hydrate appropriately.  Coffee is my fave, but I purposely add more water during the day at the end of the year to keep headaches and swollen feet at bay. 
  6. Get Enough Sleep.  
  7. Make a checklist of things you truly absolutely MUST accomplish.  Although I love my techie stuff, for me nothing satisfies quite like a good old-fashioned paper checklist that I can mark as I complete tasks.  This ensures that you won't forget anything, and also feels SO GOOD. 
These last few days are so important.  Students need to know that while we are ready for summer vacation, it isn't because we don't love what we do, and it sure isn't because they are not important to us.  
Let us be EPIC in our finishing, y'all.

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