Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Just keep swimming

I missed work yesterday.  I was out of town for a family funeral, and then drove four hours back home afterwards. Needless to say I wasn't particularly well rested today.
Coffee is my friend.
Despite my whole Tuesday-feels-like-Monday situation, I'm happy to report that I made progress in my genrefication process today! (woot!woot!)

Here is the process I'm using this time around:

1. Books are taken off the shelf in order, shelf at a time, until a LARGE cart is filled.
2. Books are then scanned/looked up to determine genre (I've utilized Titlewave a LOT--loving their new online tags for most titles.)
3. Genre stickers are then placed at the top of the spine, and I type up a new spine label.
4. Steps are repeated until I have a sheet full of spine labels.
5. Spine labels are printed.
6. I go through each book again to place new spine label on, and change the call number in the online catalog.
7. If the books are in a series, I make sure they are labeled with series numbers and that is added to their copy information, as well.
8. Books are placed back on the shelves.
9. Lather, rinse, repeat.

This sounds tedious---and it is, a bit.  However, especially since I am new to this campus it has been so helpful to actually lay my hands on each and every fiction title.  As I scan them, I sometimes find books that haven't been checked in properly, thus relieving a student's mind, as well as deleting fines that shouldn't exist! I'm cleaning off the shelves as I empty them, too.

At this point I have almost (one more row to go!) an entire front-and-back 3-section bookshelf completed!  Um...perhaps I should point out that I have about 16,000 Fiction titles.
No worries, though. I'll eat this elephant one bite at a time. I remind myself of this multiple times a day when I want to flail about a bit.
Just keep swimming, 
Just keep swimming...

Once I have ALL the Fiction books labeled and changed in the computer I will start the Big Switch. This will radically change the current library shelving sections.  Right now all non-fiction is around the perimeter of the library, with tall shelving, and all Fiction is in the middle of the library on smaller shelves.

see all the genre stickers?  and the series order stickers? 

fun perspective

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