Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tired Tuesday?

Yes, it is Tired Tuesday.
Normally Tuesdays are the days we wear tiaras (just because, you know) but instead--in this get-everything-done-before-the-kids-come-back mode today was a day for getting things DONE.

Y'all know about Glennon Melton, right?  She's the guru behind Momastery and the author of incredible book Carry On, Warrior.  She is one of those folks in the world that help make me okay with me.  Anyhow, one of her posts this summer kept flashing through my head all day today (it was just that kind of day, as some of them are, you know) and I kept wanting to shout,

"I am totally NOT freaking out! I am Suzanne!"

because today was the day the maintenance guys came over to move the right bookshelves--not the ones they moved in June back when I first asked.  

Y'all, these bookshelves are serious.  It took 5 strong men and a dolly and they still struggled with moving them into place.  Fast Forward to TA DA when all was finished and I thank them & am grateful (despite their mention that they had moved them before and they were not wanting to move them again. despite my sugar-sweetened reply that indeed they had not moved these shelves before, but rather the ones I didn't ask to be moved and how much I sure appreciated the right ones getting moved.  you know the ones I asked to be moved in the first place.) 

So we all made it through it and I spent the putting books back on the shelves. They were stacked on 7 tables.  I return tomorrow morning to face 3 tables, each down to just one layer of books.  This is progress!  My little freshman will have places to sit for FISH camp this Friday!  I just feel so much better without all those piles of books covering the tables and back in their happy homes waiting patiently to be picked up and share their magic with their people.  

Life is so good!

It's time for a epsom salt soak and some time to relax in my jammies.  


  1. I took an Epsom salt bath yesterday too! I didn't know Tired Tuesday was a thing. Lol

    1. :) hoping it isn't becoming a thing, for sure!!! I'm much happier with Tiara Tuesday!