Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Today I had an opportunity

Yesterday I was home sick with a sinus infection.  Monday morning I awoke and tried to convince myself I didn't really feel as bad as I felt--but luckily common sense prevailed and I hightailed it to the doctor right after dropping off my 7th grader at school.  I waited in the parking lot until the office opened up at 7:30 and rushed in asking if there was any way they could fit me in.  Thank goodness they were able to squeeze me in (relatively quickly, actually) so that I could be READY to be awesome today.

I was invited to speak to the elementary principals at their meeting today, on the subject of Strong Libraries = Strong Schools. I was SO excited about this opportunity, y'all.  I just wanted to do it justice.

I am passionate about libraries and librarians.  I had a captive audience. BUT...my goal was to make a positive difference, not just not bore them.

I had a PowerPoint--a short one--about 10 slides. Mostly quotes on pictures. A few with a few sentences.  None text heavy.

I had a library swag bag for each of the principals that I handed out at the very end of my short presentation.

Each bag contained:
A bottled water: because libraries with certified librarians are VITAL, not an "extra"
A LARGE chocolate bar: because reading for pleasure is so very sweet and we make that happen. We create a love of reading, a culture of literacy in our schools.
A hand sanitizer: because we reach EVERY person in our schools
A bookmark: because I want to know what THEY are reading. Are they reading to their students? Are they reading for pleasure? The bookmarks are ones I made especially for this event.  They said          Strong Libraries = Strong Schools 
Nacogdoches ISD (heart) School Libraries

I am really happy with how the meeting went.  I sincerely hope that I will be invited back because I certainly have more to say on this subject!

I am feeling SO good about today y'all!


  1. So glad we have you to advocate for us!

  2. How do I follow this???? I LOVE LOVE LOVE.... this is Leisha

    1. Hey Leisha! Thank you! you can subscribe, if you like--there is a link over on the right side of the blog under the #txlchat moderator badge.