Monday, November 30, 2015

12 Days of Library Christmas

one of our library book trees from last year

I read this awesome blog post from the fabulous Amber Teaman and it got me thinking.  I love her leadership style and love that she thinks about how to give to her staff so they know they are appreciated during this holiday season.  

Inspired by this post, I've been thinking about how I can incorporate this idea in my library.  I have some really amazing senior student library assistants this year.  I can celebrate the last 12 days of school before Christmas break with this idea by starting THIS Thursday.  AmberTeaman mentions in her post that "if I can make these three weeks a little less stressful, then that's what I want to do." I feel the same way about my library.  For my seniors, these weeks will be filled with research papers and testing, not to mention the family, relationship, holiday expectations, and other various life stressors they carry.  Yes, Virginia, stress is REAL for our students, too.  

I can't spend a ton---I have about 20 assistants this semester throughout the day--and I don't want them to really think that is what it is about anyhow.  More than anything, I want them to get a smile, and know they are thought of and appreciated.  Based on her list, here is my list of things I'm considering for my student assistants celebration days. 

embossed #2 pencils (I'm thinking of having some made that say "Like a Boss")
donuts (yeah, a new Dunkin' Donuts just opened here making this an especially exciting option)
homemade pumpkin bread mini-loaves (I have a pan that makes 18 at one time)
candy canes (maybe traditional AND pickle juice flavor just for fun?)
hot chocolate bar
cinnamon roll waffles (easy if you take your own waffle-maker & use store-bought dough)
handwritten card of appreciation
TicTacs (maybe minions or the snowman poop idea?)
Nacho day (queso in a crock pot, perhaps?)
Stockings (Dollar Tree!  and we will get those day 1 and decorate them with names during class, I think--that way each day's goodie can be put in them.)

Who knows what all I'll end up after a trip to the Dollar Tree (I'm a huge fan of DT!) but I know I want to have a few interactive things and I know free food is always a hit with teens.

Basically, I want them to remember in the midst of all the chaos & busyness,  life is FUN and full of JOY & WONDER. I hope it will be a lesson they carry with them as they leave me and go out into this big wide world in June. And then, I hope this will be a lesson they share with others in their adult lives, as well.  

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