Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Happy Read-a-Lot-a-Days! #SOL

It has been a wonderful first week of December in the library!

My students are really enjoying our #12DaysofLibraryChristmas celebration. If you missed that post you can read it here. Truth be told, I have had a BLAST doing it, too!

Day  1: We decorated our mini-stockings with glitter glue.

Day 2: Wintergreen candy canes & Day 3: Pop Rocks!

Day 4: Christmas buttons.

Day 5: Mini-cupcakes.

Day 6: "LIKE A BOSS" pencils.  I give these out tomorrow and I'm sooooo excited.

I'll follow up with the last of the pics next week!

In other news, the library has been decorated.  Finally.
There was no way to up my game from last year's viral snowman, so I decided to take a step back and go easy-peasy this year.  The kids decorated and had a ball doing it without any stress.

Lastly, I love, love, love the new Facebook header I created using Canva.  You can check it out on our Facebook page.

Have a wonderful week, y'all!


  1. Your pictures look wonderful! A very festive post!

  2. I forgot to tell you that I was stopping by from the slice of life group. :)