Thursday, June 1, 2017

Reflections on the finished year

ah, what a year.
We FINALLY got our genrefication project done.  Whew!
This marks the end of my 3rd year as a high school librarian.
I had the opportunity to work more with some teachers this year---but I'm not done with this just yet.
We have only just begun, in fact.
Still, our beginning was super fun.
3 of my teachers were truly willing to do at least one collaborative project with me.
3 more were sort-of willing.  Still working to win them over.  This girl is not a quitter!

The library is used all the time. ALL.THE.TIME. I have AMAZING supportive co-workers.
(we're losing over 40 teachers this year, so I'll be really starting over come fall)
My kids love to be in the library.
A typical morning has over 150 kids and so does a typical MegaLunch.
(next year our schedule completely changes so we'll shift from morning times to afternoon times, which will, unfortunately leave out bus-riders.)
Our teen book club "Unbroken Spine" got a name and actual readers that wanted to come to meetings. Woo-HOO!  We ended up with about 15 kids who were devoted to attending and discussing.  It was awesome.

MAGIC was fabulous---building it year by year with grand plans to expand for next year.
(we'll have two new Heads-of-House and I'll sorely miss the former ones, but truly love the newbies)

and I have some things to work on for sure---
I want the librarian to be utilized as much as the space itself (yeah, that's me).
I want to up my game on offerings during "extra time" such as MegaLunch.  Yes, it is great to be a place to hang out--I mean that, and many kids need that.  BUT....I would also love to offer some actual mini-classes, professional development for teachers, and silent reading parties.
I will need to finish shifting and rearranging the library and then teach everyone how to use it.  I'm planning some back-to-school events for teachers in the fall to really showcase what we can do for them.
I want my kids to be able to utilize Destiny more--and all of its cool features.
I want my digital resources to be better understood and utilized.
I want to be on-point with my social media game.

My kids know I love them.
We have awesome books and digital resources.
We have great tech support in the district now.
It's just time to move it up a notch or two.

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