Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The week with no kids

Okay, so maybe not no kids.
I've had a few drop by just because, a couple kids making up hours by working in the library, and a former student who wasn't sure school was actually out swing by, but you know, no kids.

It is always a bit weird when the kids are gone to still be working.
The kids are my WHY.
However, I am really getting a ton done this week, which is great because I'll feel much more settled about leaving for summer vacation with more items checked off my to-do list.

  • I've managed to nearly complete getting the last straggler books re-labeled and fixed in the system by genre (and I would have to, if it weren't for those pesky kids folks updating my system, thereby shutting it down for today--but it will be totally cool once it is done.) Let's hope I get to complete this task or I will be up there on my own with no air conditioning to finish it.  I refuse to carry this particular task into the new school year. 
  • With the help of my making-up-hours kids, all the new Chromebooks are in their charging station home.
  • I'm sorting and cleaning out my messy office. Y'all I can stand it for so long, but this cleanup was WAY overdue.  Getting so many carts of books and all those boxes of computers OUT OF MY OFFICE was super helpful in this endeavor. 
  • The Google Form for collecting the thoughts of my district librarians was sent out so I can get our PD settled for the upcoming year.
  • Our MAGIC calendar of events for next year is progressing nicely.  I've even enlisted the help of a kick-butt local public librarian to collaborate for a particular event.
  • I've just about finished double-checking all my last purchases--still awaiting the arrival of one, so will check on that.
  • I will meet with one of our new elementary librarians tomorrow. :)
  • I need to complete my EOY reports. 
So, pretty good progress, all things considered.  Onward!

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