Sunday, March 4, 2018

because I'm irritable and need to be reminded {#sol18 day 4}

Because I'm irritable and need to be reminded of all the WONDERFUL qualities my husband possesses, here's a list of some things I love about him.  I have been super inspired by all the numbered posts such as this one , and I suppose I could go with "the hubby turns 48 on Tuesday, so here are 48 things I love about him" but, like I mentioned in the opening, I'm irritable today, so we're gonna go with being happy at whatever amount of things end up on this list.

  1. He is incredibly loyal.  
  2. He is a devoted husband and father.
  3. He is willing to eat anything I cook and he is always grateful for whatever it is.  True, this is probably mostly because he cannot cook a thing without burning it, bless him, but still. 
  4. He is the most honest person I have ever known.  I really do appreciate this about him even though it means I never ask him if my pants make my butt look big.
  5. He seeks continual growth.  He is always open to learning and improving.
  6. He makes me laugh  Even days like today when I'm irritable. 
  7. He is always on my side, and always my biggest fan.
  8. He isn't intimidated by a strong woman. Did I mention I'm a first-born child & Aries?
  9. He gets me. He doesn't try to control me or change me. 
  10. More important than "getting me" is that he loves & appreciates me exactly as I am. I am always enough and never too much (even though I totally am sometimes).
  11. When he is into something (archery, running, whatever it may be) he learns everything he can about it and he becomes an absolute expert.  
  12. He has the ability to super-focus on whatever he is working on. 
  13. He'll watch chick-flicks with me.
  14. He is incredibly goofy at times.  I LOVE this! 


  1. What a good idea for an irritable day. Hope things get better.

    1. Thanks! Sometimes, on days like this, a gratitude check is in order!

  2. I think you should give this to your husband for a post-Valentine's day present. Or a birthday present. Or cut them apart and hide them all over the house for him to find. This is a beautiful love letter!

    1. Thanks! I read it aloud to him for his birthday--and he loved it!