Monday, April 26, 2010

Ruined by Paula Morris

I just love a good mystery.  Really, they're quite hard to beat.  And this one, set in one of my all time favorite places on earth--New Orleans--is filled with spooky goodness. 

Rebecca, a New Yorker, goes to live with family friends while her dad is off working in China.  15 year old Rebecca is hardly pleased.  Leaving her friends, her school, and her beloved NYC behind is difficult---not to mention not seeing her dad for such a long period of time.  Life in the Big Easy is anything but---her new classmates are mostly snotty rich kids coming from old Garden-district families.  Her "aunt" reads tarot cards in the Quarter.  Things do not go well.

Rebecca meets a strange girl at Lafayette Cemetary one day.  Her new friend Lisette turns out to be a key player in this ghostly mystery. 

Haunting and beautiful, and filled with New Orleans flavor from the food (I can almost smell the gumbo) to Mardi Gras, this tale is one that will keep you on the edge of your seat...just waiting to see what lurks around the next corner.  Ooh, and the twists and turns....Fabulous.  Perk some Cafe du Monde java and make some fresh hot beignets and read away!
Be sure to follow the Cafe du Monde link above--great site with great goodies. 

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