Friday, April 23, 2010

A Day of Leisure

So I'm home today.  It's raining outside and I have a few dozen amazing books waiting to be read.  A candle is burning, releasing it's comforting cinnamon-y scent.  All is right with the world.

Yes, that's the dream.  The truth is, I am home today. 

Home because my youngest (not quite a year old) has the stomach bug. 

And yes, the candle is lit.  Mostly to counteract the effects of said stomach bug on a ridiculous amount of diapers. 

I do have a fantastic selection of must reads calling my name--but who knows if I'll get much reading done today.  The baby is asleep right now, but fairly demanding of my time and attention when awake.  
Poor baby.  Sweet little thing.  I just hate it when she's ill.  This marks week 2 of ailments--last week we had the pleasure of double ear infections.  

Wait a minute...did I just say she was sleeping?  Silly me...must run.  I have some reading time on a rainy day with a yummy scent wafting through my living room and darn it, I'm gonna take my moments where I may!

Read on, dear readers, read on.


  1. I need you to pass another good book my way! And we will at some point next week, during my conference and your crazy schedule...sit down and fix my page.
    Thank you for encouraging me to write and actually do the blog.
    You are the BESTEST!