Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Blog is officially up!

After getting over being miffed about the mascot name change at my school which precipitated my blog name change I've decided to run with it and be grateful for the change.  That's the ladylike thing to do, right?

I found this background, which is, of course, completely and totally sassy, but perhaps a bit loud for me.  We'll see.  It may grow on me.  At any rate I'm working while the baby sleeps so I'm *again* going to just choose to be grateful that the blog is up, and according to the sight I pulled the background from, the cutest blog on the block.

My plan for this blog is to have my book reviews & other library info, along with my random literary (or otherwise) musings.  KnightsReadBooks was built with my students in mind.  This one?  While my students are welcome and heartily invited to partake of the literary bounty, this one is purely just to fulfill my apparent need to write (even in small bits).  I find it incredibly satisfying to finish a blog post as opposed to my ever-ongoing novel, which WILL get finished at some point.  :)

BTW, great action figure, huh?  I mean, you know you've REALLY made it when you have a flippin' action figure, right?  You can grab one for yourself (or some almost-equally great bacon bandaids should you find yourself in need) from the fabulous Archie McPhee company by visiting

Read on, gentle readers.  Read on.

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