Thursday, July 29, 2010

Altered Books

Wondering what to do with mounds of weeded books? 

Might I suggest an altered book project?

For the past few years at our campus we have recruited the art teachers to work with the art classes to create treasure from trash for an awesome display during Teen Read Week.  The kids love it, the art teachers love it, and I love that the old books are given a chance at a new creative life. 

As I weed our collection (an on-going task, of course)I place the best candidates for altered books in a special area.  These books are then delivered to the art teacher and the fun commences!  Each project is special and unique and the kids are so proud of their work.  These works of art attract a lot of people into the library to gaze upon them and marvel at the work. 

As a scrapbooker I had been aware of this "paper" craft for some time, but was really inspired to let loose with it after attending a workshop at a small library conference a few years back--the East Texas Library Summit--- put on by my good friend and colleague Sharon Gullet (a wonder of a gal!)  I've added a long list of websites put together by the arts girls who spoke on the topic, Ms. Allen & Ms. Merritt, so a special thank you to these ladies. 

Some of our students chose to make gifts for a parent, some chose to make "Dream" books, others made journals, and some created a work of art to hang on the wall.  Whatever they chose to do, they had a blast doing it and it got those creative juices flowing about possibilities.  And that's what life is all about, right?  The wonderful possibilities.

And thanks to the students from my middle school who made these awesome altered books! 


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