Monday, July 26, 2010

Let the water flow...

There have been *far too many to count* moments over the past few years in my professional life that the librarians in general (and perhaps me, in particular) have had to deal with...well, let's just say some unfairness.  I know we are not alone in this.  At one point or another we all have faced or will face (or maybe even continually face) obstacles that seem incredibly unfair. 

If you've read much of my blog you know that I have two simply amazing girls. The youngest is just a bit over 1 year and so we watch a lot of toddler shows at my house. With that being said, I have fallen a bit in love with the video posted.  We caught it on an episode of Jack's Big Music Show on Nick, Jr. (which, sadly, is no longer being made) and the little one loved it so much she danced the entire time.  My older one loves it because the star of the video is now in one of her favorite shows, Victorious (man, is this kid ever talented...he is flippin' amazing!)

Anyway, I decided to post this in the hopes that on those days that just feel like you're doing all you can to simply make it through; you've tied a knot and are just barely holding on, that perhaps this song will lift your spirits, too. 

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  1. Very cute video...sometimes we forget the simple yet powerful messages like that! Gotta keep on keepin on!
    Love it! ! !