Saturday, July 24, 2010


Imagine my surprise when I checked my blog today to find that my background from "the cutest blog on the block" had been removed.  I have no idea what happened there, but it was quite unpleasant to find that my blog background had changed to plain black---making my words pretty much disappear.  Flippin' great. 

Now, I know there isn't any possible way for some blog-and-otherwise template creator site to let everyone who has ever used their creations know...Hey...we are deleting your might just wreck your work.  I get that.  But still...was a bit taken aback. 

So now here I sit, madly trying to fix my blog so it is at least readable with my now-angry 1 year old hitting my leg demanding that mama get off the dang computer.  She literally keeps pushing the slider thingy (that's techie speak for you uninformed) that holds the keyboard back into it's little hidey-hole.  Really lovely stuff. 

I have so many things to write about--we had to ship our computer off to be fixed (nope, it still isn't fixed, but we have custody of it this weekend anyway) and I felt lost as a goose.  I have read tons of books yet to be reviewed and am working on some library stuff (again with the techie speak--sorry!) that I'd love to share.  Maybe tonight when the wee one is asleep.

Until then,
Read on, gentle readers; read on.
Mrs. S

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