Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I mentioned that during testing I made plans for some changes to the library.  That very Friday afternoon I was able to start implementing some of those changes---and then I worked on things a bit more as my library space was in use for a meeting the following week.

I'm thrilled that my principal was on board and helped get the district painters out SO quickly to paint the wall behind the circ desk "dragon gold" as well as painting over the what-had-been-hideous-but-now-looks-amazing galvanized steel piping on the back wall that holds extra electrical stuff.  I can't tell you what a difference these little touches have already made!

Sometimes its the little things, folks.  We can rearrange a cozy reading area to make it even better and suddenly the entire world (or library, as it were) opens up with new possibilities.

For me, my mind is buzzing with a renewed energy and excitement.  I'm finishing up this school year, yes...but already really in the head space for planning for next year.

David Bowie is a master, but perhaps the fabulous Nina Simone said it best...

I'll post pics of my "new" library soon!

Mrs. S

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