Tuesday, June 2, 2015

weirdly silent

It is finals week at my school.  This is my first time to experience a high school end-of-year finals week. The mornings are still cram-packed full of students, but the rest of the day is just....weird.
The library has been reserved for testing small groups, which totally needs to happen---I get that, but man, is it weird not to have kids in and out of the library all day.  It is practically


It isn't that I don't have plenty of work to do, of course.  I am still working on genre-fying, and there are loads of books needing to be shelved.  Did I mention my end-of-year reports that I need to finish?

I'll be honest...the first 30 minutes I rather enjoyed the peace & quiet.  And then I was done. Um...can I have my kids back, please?  The library is a much more awesome place to be when my students and teachers are in it.


  1. It's been quiet here at the elementary too. Although it took me a little bit longer to wish for the kids to come back. I think I missed them more like after a day. :-)

  2. I think the funniest thing is that the silence so odd! In my mind, the library should be a silent place anyway. Even knowing librarians, I still picture the stiff, ruler wielding, tight bunned lady who pops anyone who dares speak above a whisper. I know libraries aren't like that, especially school libraries. It just struck my as funny.

    Happy Summer!!

    1. hahaha! well...if libraries should be silent places, I guess I'm failing big time! That isn't to say that we are ALWAYS loud---just...generally a gentle hum of energy and electricity from many humans occupying the same space. In the mornings before school we can get L-O-U-D in spots (some heavy duty serious chess competitions going on in here, for example!) BUT..this 4 people taking a small group test thing is WEIRD in its silence! have a great summer, too! :)