Tuesday, January 5, 2016

And so it goes

Tuesdays are generally my favorite days.
Tuesday means:
 I've made it through Monday,
#txlchat at 8:00
Slice of Life writing day for Two Writing Teachers.

Today Tuesday meant:
A not-great update on a friend in the midst of a mighty battle.
A student confiding a shake-your-life-to-the-ground secret to me with tears welling up in his eyes.
Too much caffeine just to make it through the day.

I was ready to come home; to cook dinner and just relax.
I came home to a daughter who has decided to become a pescatarian, a husband who wants to go Paleo and no one who can agree on dinner.
(I'm cool with however they want to eat, but am not a short-order cook!)

Dinner is done (salmon-cooking lessons and all).
I've done all I can do for everyone I love at this very moment in time.
Now I will sit and breathe and be for a while.
I will drink my sweet tea (non-caffeinated!)
I will sit in my favorite chair for a bit.

Just the act of writing all this down has eased me in a way nothing else does.
Words have power.

In the words of Kevin Henkes, "Today was difficult.  Tomorrow will be better."
INVICTUS, indeed.


  1. Now I will sit and breathe and be for a while.
    As soon as I read that line, I began to exhale with you.
    Writing is great therapy.

  2. Some days are just too much! Glad you had time at the end to breathe!