Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mid-January Blues

We've reached that point in January that typically brings on the mid-January blues for me.  I struggle, as many of us do, with balance in my life, particularly between the striving-for-greatness side of myself and the be-still-and-create/think/dream side of myself.   With the excitement of the new year no longer fresh, my ability to fulfill my own expectations set for myself have become like week-old city snow. It is so easy to become stressed out!

If you are also going through this funk, as well remember:

This is a prime time to remind yourself to breathe.
Nurture yourself.
Know that your goals do not have to be reached immediately.  Progress, not perfection, right?
You are enough.
Let go of the idea of perfection.
Give yourself permission to hibernate for a weekend if you need to!
Soup is awesome comfort food.
Watch a feel-good movie that you love.
Take a hot bath.
Learn to say no without guilt.
Give the grace & mercy to others that you wish for yourself.

I'm reminding myself of these things, too.
It is hard to feel like I am enough sometimes.
It can be difficult for some of us to put ourselves on the priority list.
Sometimes we need to hear it, so I'm telling you (and myself) now...
YOU are important.
YOU are enough,
YOU, just as you are.

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  1. I am sooo there right now, battling congestion from allergies--I literally need to remind myself to breathe deep, because I don't think I'm oxygenating properly through a runny nose, lol. Thanks for the reminder that will help me push through this!