Friday, January 29, 2016

Oh, those classroom teachers....

We need to talk about those classroom teachers at my school.
We just really, really do.
So, here's the thing...those teachers at my school?  Um yeah....awesome.

But really, I should say...

I have taught many places throughout my career--both as a classroom teacher and as a teacher-librarian, and I have been blessed to work with some fabulous folks at every spot.  In all that time (25 years!) I had never worked with high school folks, though, so moving up to the high school I just really didn't know exactly what to expect. 

Those teachers at my school are

First, they know their stuff, man.  They KNOW their stuff AND they are excited to pass that knowledge on.  These high school teachers are always looking for new and innovative ways to reach our students.  They don't just rest on their laurels---they want our kids to WANT to learn. 

They enjoy teaching teenagers.  Teenagers are an interesting lot.  If you don't enjoy their quirky selves, you truly need to find a different vocation.  I love the way our teachers enjoy time with the students.  Do we all have those days? Of course, but on the whole, they really enjoy working with the teens.

Those teachers at the high school have welcomed me into the fold.  Like the teens we teach, I can be a quirky mixed-bag.  I am passionate about the library, but not everyone gets the vision (we aren't typically a quiet library. kids eat lunch in there, too. I LIKE that it is a hangout/haven as well as a studious place.  I'm cool with cell phones.  I am not a quiet person) These folks have amazed me. They have supported me and the direction the library is headed. They give their all EVERY DANG DAY to teach our children, and they allow me to be a part of that.  They are open to booktalks and inviting me into their classrooms, and collaboration of various sorts. As a friend recently wrote, "success is not a singular accomplishment." How very true.  
Those classroom teachers at NHS?  They are, simply, ROCK STARS and I am blessed to call them my tribe. 

(post inspired by THIS post on a lovely blog you should also follow, More Books Than Time!)

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