Friday, February 26, 2016

Slice of Life Challenge

Throughout the month of March (and it is just around the corner! Squeeee!) I will once again participate in the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge.  This is a link that will take you to their FAQ. The goal is to actively participate in a community of writers by writing a slice of your life each day and commenting on at least 3 other slicers posts each day during the entire month of March.  
Some days my slice will absolutely have to do with my work as a teacher-librarian because clearly that is a huge and important part of my life. 

Some days my slice will have absolutely nothing to do with my work days because clearly that is not all I am or do.  

My goal is to recommit to the habit of daily writing, which is so easy to slip out of in the busyness of our lives, and to keep fresh in my mind the joys & difficulties of writing so that it can ultimately benefit my students. 

Some people have a secondary blog for this type of thing--but since my blog is not a big & important widely-read blog, (although wouldn't that be cool?) I figure it is easiest to do it right here.  :)

I'd love for you to join in---participating can really be a game-changer! I know it has been for me. 

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