Saturday, January 7, 2017

for Christy

I knew her first as the wife of my assistant principal.
I knew she was in curriculum in the district, but I didn't really know her.
Then I knew her as a fellow dance mom.
Then I knew her as a fellow librarian.
Then I knew her as a friend.

She often brought a book bag full of new books to process while she waiting in the small lobby of the dance studio for her girl to finish class.

More than once she came to meetings "sorry. running a bit late from the chemo" that were after-hours, non-mandatory, but she believed in the cause so she came.

She loved fajitas and chips & salsa and shopping.
She loved her family.
She wanted what she wanted and liked what she liked.
She had very definite ideas and she worked tirelessly for what she believed in.

She was a warrior.

She asked for donations to her library in lieu of flowers.  Of course she did.
We told her husband as we stood in that line "we talked about flowers but we knew she'd kick our behinds if we didn't listen to her wishes.  I TOLD you to donate money or books, y'all." 
We all giggled a bit at the truth of that.

She was an extremely private person and, as my fellow librarian mentioned in her blog post, would probably hate this post, but it is the least I can do to honor my friend.

As I sit working on my agenda for the upcoming district librarian's meeting I can hear her in my ear. Sometimes I tear up even as I smile at this fact, but I'm grateful.

Christy, you are missed.
Rest easy, friend.

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  1. Ha! I forgot about her love of chips and salsa. I've been thinking about TLA in San Antonio this year. My first year as a librarian it was San Antonio. Christy and I left early so we could stop in San Marcos and shop. I knew were meant to be friends at that point. :)