Monday, January 2, 2017

Pirate Challenge

If you've read my blog before you might be aware that last year, inspired by Amber Teamann, I created the 30-Day Happy Librarian Challenge.

I loved it and still use it, but when I was asked to develop a professional development session for the first day back from winter break--you know the day everyone is just SUPER excited to be there--well, I knew I needed to look at doing something special.

I'm presenting sessions today on one of my all-time favorite professional books, Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess. This book is transformational, y'all, no matter your classroom.  In fact, this is our district librarian's book study selection this year.

I've got a simple PowerPoint--mostly images--and I'm introducing the power of Twitter chats to many teachers today, which is great, but mostly I'm excited to share the 30-Day Teach Like a Pirate Challenge I created. I also have a list of discussion questions that I printed, cut into slips and had in baskets on each table so that at the end participants are able to start a discussion.

My hope is that this challenge will inspire you to teach with passion even as we return to the sometimes cold, dark world that is January. I would be honored if you would use it, share it, tweet it, Instagram it---well, you get the picture!

Like my challenge from last year, I purposefully created this to be in the general form of a calendar, but with no dates listed. Go in the order you choose, use it as it resonates with you---after all, you are a PIRATE, matey, and no one can put YOU in a box.

I plan to share my challenges as I go through them this month and hope you'll do the same using the #tlap hashtag.

Pirate Librarians, Matey! Arrrggghhh!


  1. I printed mine out this afternoon and already have, I think, 5 marked off... not in a bingo though. :) I'll take a picture tomorrow!