Tuesday, January 3, 2017

OLW 2017

Last year was my first year to fully embrace the OLW movement.  For 2016, my word was Invictus. A strong word that helped get me through a tough year. It was the perfect word at just the right time for me.

This year, my word is CULTIVATE.  
This word fills me with hope.

Merriam-Webster.com defines it as:
  1. 1:  to prepare or prepare and use for the raising of crops; also:  to loosen or break up the soil about (growing plants)
  2. 2a:  to foster the growth of <cultivate vegetables>b:  culture 2ac:  to improve by labor, care, or study:  refine <cultivate the mind>
  3. 3: furtherencourage <cultivate the arts>
  4. 4: to seek the society of:  make friends with
Every single one of these definitions applies to want I want to call forth in this new year.

I've bought rosemary plants for my soon-to-be-reality herb garden, and have begun looking into some heirloom seed catalogs for others.

I'm  fostering the growth of some new habits and things I want to learn.

I have definite and not-so-definite plans for cultivating joy and other awesome things in my workplace because here is something I know-- it is up to ME to create JOY in my life.  I will breathe and add whimsy and smile and hold doors and write notes and wear pirate costumes and hold Tiara Tuesdays because these are things that make my work week bright for myself and for those around me.

I need to loosen the soil of some long-held beliefs that are no longer serving me in order to let them go and move forward. This is a hard thing, but a necessary thing and I am ready to do the work now.

I also love that my word is a verb because this year I want to do.  I came across and retweeted this on Twitter (by @thebradmontague) today. It really spoke to me.

Yes, CULTIVATE is my word and I look forward to seeing where it leads me.
What's yours?


  1. Love your word. Love that it's a verb. Thought about that when I picked mine too. I also like the part about loosening the soil of some long-held beliefs that are no longer serving you. It made me think about compost. It's made from plants that have served their purpose and now need to be recycled so they can nourish once again.

  2. Such a glorious word! So much good work to reap good things! Enjoy loosening that soil!

  3. I just tried to post a comment and lost it--at least I think I lost it. So please delete if you have two comments from me! So much to love about the word cultivate. Each of its definitions resonates powerfully with me. I agree that it seems hopeful, perhaps because it is a word that emphasizes process, presence in this moment, work without concern for the final product or goal.