Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I am L-O-V-I-N' these summertime changes in my schedule.  It is fantabulous not to be rushing around like crazy each morning trying to get everyone ready for school (all in different buildings, mind you) and this more zen-like start to our day makes all the difference.

Well, for the most part. I mean, there are still plenty of blurry-eyed mornings when the baby decides that 6:00 is a perfectly acceptable time to greet the morning and I live on coffee, but I digress...

Now that I've had a full week off from school I feel refreshed enough to begin planning for next year's changes in earnest.  Giddiness ensues!

I love new beginnings and I suppose that is one reason that I love being a teacher-librarian so much.  At the end of every year I get to evaluate it, ponder and dream, and then make ch-ch-ch-changes for the year to come.  What deliciousness to be able to start fresh each August!

This will mark our third year doing the One Book, One School program and our new selection is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  I really debated on whether or not to pick it just because as a former Lone Star title many of my kids have read it already.  Read it and LOVED it.  Read it and became FANATICAL followers of the series.  I took an impromptu survey of several kids I knew read it and they all basically foamed at the mouth with excitement over the thought of reading it as our school novel this year.  Well, all except the 8th graders--many of whom gave me  the stink eye since they are moving on to high school and won't be able to participate.  ;) 

And the change for the program? 

Well, other than the book itself we are not booking the fabu Mrs. Suzanne Collins to be a visiting author, as she doesn't do school visits.  Instead, we are "borrowing" an idea mentioned on the ever-so-amazing librarian list-serve LM_NET and hosting an actual HUNGER GAMES DAY!!!  I am beyond excited to make this happen! Rest assured pics & info will be posted.

Other changes in the air? 

One major change will be having a new principal on board.  I've only met him once, but I think he'll be fantastic.  And, as my retiring principal said to me in our end-of-year-evaluation conference--I plan on "getting ahold of him and indoctrinating him" in order to ensure that he understands what utter fabulousness a great library (and, ahem, librarian) can bring to the school. 

I will also be reworking the reference section.  You could also read that as "undoing" the reference section.  There simply isn't a need for it anymore and I have mounds of space that could be put to good use if those old tomes are put to pasture.  Some librarians have some guilt about weeding.  Not I, said the little red hen. :)

Going to attempt to rally the troops again this year to form a really strong League of Librarians (league of Just-us?...sorry, it's the Batgirl in me) to improve our collective mind.

Oh, and there's just so much more I have in store.  Including, apparently, being a poet.  ;)

More later,
always remember and never forget to read on, gentle readers; read on!


  1. I like your post. This is a great way to share changes and I think I'm going to do this on my blog (I'm just getting one started for my library). Also, I like that you are getting rid of your reference collection. I've decided to incorporate our reference into the nonfiction. I've been at my current high school for 3 years and it just makes more sense to combine the 2 collections as the students want to see all the resources on their research topics at one shot if possible.

  2. Gwen,
    thanks! Several of the books from reference will join our regular non-fiction collection---others will find homes elsewhere. I totally agree on students wanting to see everything useful in one place! Coming soon will be a new post on making altered books--a great plan to give those old books headed to the trash bin some new life! Thanks for reading!