Wednesday, June 2, 2010


the baby is napping her late afternoon nap (early evening?  whatev.) and I really SHOULD be cleaning house.  Seriously.

my world is kind of chaotic right now.

and has been for about 2 years.  Yes, I said 2 YEARS.  grad school while working full time, reading voraciously and attempting to maintain some family life will do that to you.  Add a new baby to the mix (born in the middle of my 15 day comps window, no less) and, well, you see why my life is chaos.

My house has lots of stash and dash leftovers that I meant to get to.  Really.
My car, too.

But, summertime is here, thank goodness, which means it is time for me to seriously clear out the clutter and get reorganized so I can regain my mojo. 

That's right,
chaos has eaten a bit of my mojo

I want to write, to create, to read, to scrapbook, to dig into my geneology, to play with my girls, to bake, to excercise (um, I like to eat what I bake!) and then there's just the necessary time to be.

to breathe deeply.
to feel peaceful serenity.

hard to do in my current state. 

Off to clear the chaos. 

Read on, gentle readers, read on!

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