Monday, June 21, 2010

loose ends

Trying to finish up all my year-end library duties is not my most favorite task in the world.  In truth, by about mid-April I'm really ready to be fully into planning for next year--that's the fun stuff.  I try not to be aggravated about it; really I do, but there's just a little (okay, maybe not so little) part of me that wishes I could be like Samantha on Bewitched  and just wiggle my nose and be done with all the tasks that aren't at the top of my "Fun To Do" list.  Such as inventory.  And then the obligatory searching for all items that somehow got listed as missing, but are actually on the shelves (how DOES this keep happening?) 

My district no longer gives the librarians "extra" days to get these tasks accomplished, so I have been going up on Fridays and Saturdays (summer school the other days of the week going on in my library--we won't talk about that either) in order to tie up all these loose ends. 

We'll just keep it our secret that sometimes it is rather nice to have an entire room filled with quiet...the only noises are the ones I'm making and the soft beep of the scanner.  To have no one shouting "mama, I need..."  while the hubby takes care of the girls at home and I have a couple of hours of semi-blissful uninterrupted time!

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