Sunday, June 13, 2010

Payback Time

I was lucky enough to meet the fantastic Carl Deuker at TLA and pick up a copy of  this spring .  He is a thoroughly lovely individual.   So talented, yet so humble.  And do I ever admire the fact that he is able to find time to write his novels while still teaching 6th grade full time.  The man is an absolute wonder. 

I picked up an ARC for his newest work, Payback Time, and couldn't wait to read it---because to know Carl's work is to love Carl's work.  Payback Time is no exception, and may, in fact, be my new favorite of his. 

Daniel "Mitch" True is determined to be a famous reporter some day.  He wants to live in NYC and study at Columbia.  He wants to have his name known as a journalistic bigwig.  For now, though, Mitch is stuck at Abraham Lincoln High School in Seattle. 

After losing out on the editor's job of his school newspaper he realizes that perhaps head sports reporter isn't so bad.  After all, there is a chance of getting a byline in a real newspaper and kids mainly read the sports section of the school news anyhow.  Besides which...there is working with Kimi.  Kimi is the school's sports photographer, not to mention being both beautiful and brilliant.  Yeah, working with Kimi wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. 

While on assignment Mitch and Kimi begin to notice that something about the new kid on the football team just doesn't add up.  He has an amazing arm...when he thinks no one is looking.  He wants nothing to do with the rest of the team---or anyone else for that matter.  And so, the investigation begins.  What Mitch and Kimi uncover is unexpected and quite possibly dangerous for everyone involved.  You'll be amazed when....

Now, do I EVER give out all the goods on my book reviews?  Of course NOT.  I will include, however, for your reading pleasure,  a snippet I particularly like:

Once, when my dad and I were talking about college, he told me that I could major in anything I wanted as long as it wasn't philosophy.  "What's wrong with philosophy?" I asked.

"The logic part is useless," he said.  "People have never been and never will be logical."

 Now, go read the rest of it for yourself.  It comes out officially on September 6th and I can promise you it will take you on a thrilling ride filled with mystery and shocking secrets. 

And for me, hope.  Meeting Mr. Deuker really helped inspire me to find the time to write again.  This is something I struggle with, as it can be difficult to meld my dreams of writing with my real life time commitments.  I've heard so many authors talk about their amazing writing groups and how they structure their day and write for hours at a time.  That is great, except that I work full time (love my day job) and am a mom of two girls, a girl scout leader, a PTA board know, my life is already full of real life obligations that I love, but make it difficult to find time to write.  So, thank you, Mr. Deuker.  You have inspired this librarian to remember her dreams of writing are important, too. 

Read on, gentle readers; read on.
Mrs. S

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