Saturday, June 26, 2010

Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George

Tons of reading going on this summer, as usual.  I am always looking for books that I not only enjoy, but that I think my students will enjoy, as well.  One genre that I've loved since childhod is the fairy tale.  I suppose it is the mystery of magical beings and wishes come true that have always led me back to them.  I remember as a small kid I read and reread every fairy tale compilation that our public library owned.

The love of fairy tales has never left me, and while I do enjoy the 398.2 section of the library, I adore the new bunch of novelized fairy tales, Princess of Glass, among them. 

In this sequel to Princess of the Midnight Ball (you don't have to read it first to totally get into this book), Jessica Day George spins a lovely retelling of the classic Cinderella story. 

Princess Poppy is sent on a political "royal exchange program" in a neighboring kingdom.  While there she meets a handsome young prince named Christian and a rather strange servant named Eleonora, and they all become intangled in a sinister magical plot by the evil godmother known as "The Corley". 

Filled with just the right amount of intrigue and romance, sprinkled with a liberl dose of magic, this book is a lovely read for those of you who also enjoy spending time in a world where wishes and magical dancing shoes really do exist. 

Read on, gentle readers; read on!


  1. love the book i am not a robot i love to eat cheese

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