Tuesday, March 14, 2017

hometown adventure {solsc day 14}

I'm hosting a Flat Stanley right now.  I'm lucky enough to get to host one just about every year. When I was a classroom teacher this was a favorite reading/writing connection activity of mine and the last year I did it--teaching 5th grade U.S. history---the kids each chose a state to send their Flat Stanleys adventuring. One had to be the governor's office and the other some business that was special to that state (ex. Cafe du Monde in New Orleans for our Louisiana Flat fella) so we could learn more about each state.  It wasn't just a favorite lesson of mine, it was something all the kids loved.  We read the book, they wrote letters and created their Flat selves, and then we eagerly awaited getting mail.  What is not to love about that, right?

Flat Jameir is hanging out with us right now.  We have been having loads of mini adventures.  Of course when a Flat from out of state visits we must take them to enjoy Tex-Mex and BBQ, and What-a-Burger, quintessential Texas foods.  He'll see our brick streets of downtown and experience some of our 300-year-old history here.  We'll visit the statue of the father of Texas on the campus of SFA State University (Axe 'Em!) and the azalea gardens and of course, we'll see the state flower, bluebonnets. The best part about hosting Flats is rediscovering how awesome your hometown is every time.  You see your town through fresh eyes, really thinking about its unique aspects and its history.  Hosting Flats never fails to make me appreciate my little town anew.



  1. Ha, oh I love this so much! You're quite the hostess to your flat little friend - hope he's enjoying himself! Love the pictures!

  2. I've always wanted to take part in a Flat Stanley Project. I guess the question is... would I be as creative as you? He looks like he's having fun! :)